Bradley Wiggins in the race spanning 125 mile in Ride London

A star name- Bradley Wiggins battled through the weather to take part in the race of the London Park’s Olympic. He raced for Team Sky. The race was shortened to 86 miles from 100 miles due to warnings of weather. In Surrey, Box Hill and Leith Hill were left out.
From East London to Buckingham Palace the race was completed. It was the safety protocol which was vital according to Hugh Brasher, the event director. Bradley ahead of the race states that it is a pleasure for him to be able to compete in the race in front of the fans of home and he has memories of Olympics riding. Every day is special since he enjoys the support from the fans.
Many riders took part in the race. Tropical rain filled the entire place and brought in caution among the riders. The organisers decided at the last moment to shorten the race. It was before 8 hours that the final decision was taken. According to the organisers they have never organised such an event with terrible weather conditions.
All the riders had to endure the severe conditions. Rain combined with floods made the entire place wet and severe conditions made it all the more escalating. Riding in such weather was surely a challenge for all the riders. People of all age groups and of all sizes took part in the race. The newcomers will be attracted by the turn of the event. Two sort of eccentricity was seen on the course, with Boris bike in blue colour and a couple got married mid way.
The event witnessed variety which was encouraging and at the same time it is an inspiration for all the riders and the people who without caring, jumped into the race.