Cycle To Discover Yorkshire

When one is keen to explore or travel by cycling, it can be a great way to see Britain since there are several routes that make it easy to explore different parts of the country.

For instance, the roads in the Yorkshire region offer challenging cycling routes, but compensate by giving great views of the landscape. Indeed, with cycling one takes the time to look around which is not as easy to do when you are driving. With cycling you are at one with the place you are traveling through and it still makes it possible to cover large distances which are not possible if you are walking or hiking.

Indeed, the Yorkshire routes are well known, courtesy the Tour de Yorkshire race, but can also prove to be ideal for any amateur cyclist who wishes to explore this region. Those who take the Yorkshire route, either as a part of the race or otherwise, will be starting from Fox Valley that is situated close to Sheffield. They will then come to Pea Royd Lane.

The climb here is supposed to be a challenging one as one would be moving to 476 feet in about a kilometer which puts the average gradient at twelve percent. When one has come to the top they can settle back in their saddle and relax. It is time to locate family and friends who might still be on their way up as well as enjoy the rolling hills in the Yorkshire countryside. Indeed, the locals often find the cyclists to be mad to have dared such a climb in the first place. However, if you are enthusiastic about cycling and have followed the Tour de Yorkshire closely, you will surely be inspired to make a trip here and explore the countryside as well as challenges of this route on a pair of cycling wheels.