L’Etape Australia To Replicate France Tour

Tour de France is bringing about several similar events in other parts of the world.

For instance, L’Etape Australia is a similar event being held in the snowy mountains. It is based on the alpine regions and would cover a distance of 157 kilometers in the country. The cyclists who would take part in the tour would cover most of the Strava areas. They would experience the Kosciuszko road that lies ahead with cows and farmhouses that they will pass on the way. With a cycling app one can set their pace and track their speed. The tour is planned in Australia this winter. There would be celebrated cyclists like Chris Froome who would be taking part in the tour. The tour promises to help cyclists relive the Tour de France experience in this part of the world. Many are already gearing up for the event. Those who would be new to this region will get to check out regional landmarks like the Kosciuszko National Park.

The Snowy Mountains should not be easily discounted. They offer mountainous tracks for real. There are climbs that are long and tenacious in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. When you move from Perisher to Charlotte’s Pass, you will find that the terrain changes. It moves from rolling, gentle hills to rocky terrain and dark green surroundings. With silent surroundings the cyclists can experience the whistling wind and the pounding of their heart. The mountainous world offers the event a credulity that is similar to Tour de France cycling course. The region also opens up to cyclists who can discover this region and use it as an escape from their city slick world. It is definitely an experience worth looking forward to. Most people and cycling enthusiasts would be glued to this region when the end of the year comes along.