In a fortunate twist of events, new information has come to light that the TJ sport team project known as Lampre Merida in 2016 is safe from possible collapse and extinction as some Abu Dhabi sponsors have swooped in to provide the much needed funding for the team.

After a bad run in with the former Chinese sponsors, TJ sport’s future in the world tour event has been bleak and uncertain and the team members along with the general public had been kept in the dark about the team’s next move. With this recent development, the team is set to participate in the world tour in 2017 as its new sponsors from the Middle East have successfully covered their shortcomings and provided enough funding needed for the team to compete.

The UCL had awarded 17 world tour licenses to participating teams in November 25, but the team was left out as it had been put under review by the UCL license commission. TJ sport had requested for extra time from the UCL to enable it complete its application, this was because a key player in the sponsorship had fallen ill resulting in a delay in getting some documents from china.

However, reports emerged in early December that the team had encountered some difficulties as the team coordinator Mauro gianetti and manager Giuseppe Saronni were striving to obtain the funding from china in spite of the massive investment promise in a press conference in august.

This had surfaced after there was a cancellation in a training camp, this put the team in serious worry as they were faced with a deadline of December 15 to complete their application and registration for the world tour.

While the new sponsors from the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) remains unknown, it seems that enough funding has been provided to fit the teams budget and enable them proceed with the initial plan.