UCI Furious Over Bogota Naked Kits

Brian Cookson, the UCI chief has openly expressed fury over the new naked kits meant for Bogota Humana female riders. Terming them as “unacceptable”, the UCI President has declared to be “on case” over the eyebrow-raising uniform.

The new cycling kit for Bogota Humana female riders has led to serious controversies across the cycling world, citing outraging the decency of women. The cycling kit has got a beige vagina shaped design for the female uniforms that make the wearer look almost naked.

The controversy started with a picture of the Bogota Humana riders in the uniform last weekend which went viral while shared on social networking portals. The picture showed six female riders of the team standing in the controversial uniform which was mostly yellow & red- yet with a skin-shaded material around torso & nether areas. The picture was taken at Tuscany Tour.

A lot of star riders have heavily criticized the squad as well as the cyclists for donning the outfit. Nicole Cooke, the Olympic 2008 gold medalist is one of cycling stars to protest against the uniform.

“It has turned this sport into nothing but a joke”, said Cooke. “Girls please stand up, at least for yourselves- shout no.”

Bertine (Kathryn), one among the founder-members for Tour Entier, was another important figure who protested against the picture. She said that she won’t be retweeting this picture.” Tour Entier is the famous pressure group which aided to arrange La Course this summer.

“Intentionally not retweeting the picture of the Colombian team, UCI, please intervene”, read a tweet from Bertine’s profile.

“The very decision maker who approved or whoever approved this on stage should be banned. Spare the cyclists.”

“It’s simply unacceptable by all decency standards. We’re on case”, stressed UCI boss Brian Cookson is response to the protests raged from many quarters about the new uniform design.

Kathryn Bertine, one of the founder members of Le Tour Entier, the pressure group that helped to organize La Course by Le Tour earlier this summer, said she would not be retweeting the picture.

“Intentionally not RTing the Colombian team picture. UCI, pls intervene,” Bertine tweeted.

“Ban the decision maker & whomever let them on stage. Spare the riders.”

Cookson, who took over as president of the UCI last year, responded: “To the many who have raised the issue of a certain women’s team kit, we are on the case. It is unacceptable by any standard of decency.”