Tyler Hamilton feels sorry for Armstrong

Tyler Hamilton was among those 11 former teammates who gave their testimonies to USADA against him. But recently Hamilton was noticed saying that he felt sorry for this unfortunate end of Armstrong’s career. The United States Anti-Doping Agency recently banned Armstrong and stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles.

The USADA came up with their detailed report which included the testimonies given by Armstrong’s former teammates. It is reports that some of the most dangerous facts came in the testimonies of Levi Leipheimer, Floyd Landis, George Hincapie and Tyler Hamilton. They brought Armstrong’s doping into light and told how they were also influenced to take those performance-enhancing drugs.

Hamilton told that Armstrong couldn’t blame them for their testimonies as they had spoken the truth. He claimed he could understand the situation of Armstrong as it’s really tough to handle. He also told that he had lied for a very long time and then he decided to stand against Armstrong. But he is sure that many people would definitely forgive him for what he has done. He told that Armstrong has been a hero for so many people and they would probably pity him.

Hamilton accepted that he has been lying since 2004 when he was tested positive. He also said that there were reasons to lie as he had to survive in cycling arena. He claimed that the people associated with doping acted like a “mafia”. If he would have told the truth by then it was for sure that he wouldn’t have any contract with any team the following season. But he was contended with his effort to tell the truth, though a bit late.

Hamilton also alleged that the team doctors helped them to survive a doping teat rather easily. He said that the doctors used to tell them about the drugs, their effects and the time of its effect. He said that if anyone followed those rules then he could have passed the test without any question mark. But he also feels good to see that the sport has changed a lot and it’s going in the right direction.