Tour de France Champion is in Crisis

Sir Bradley Wiggins could not be able to defend his title as a Tour de France champion this year after being ruled out of his team for a knee injury. His knee injuries and along with chest infections that occurred in Giro D’italia led him to back out of the race last may. In doing so, he won’t be able to join the sky team for the next tour de France, letting his co-member Chris Froome to lead the new team. 27 years-old and Keya-born Froome finished as a runner up last year to Wiggins in the tour de France. As Wiggins will not be able to join the race this year, it might give Froome the opportunity to seize the title.

Shane Sutton, the new head of the cycling team said that Wiggins might reached a crisis point, stating that “This is definitely a Crisis Point”, referring to the injured cyclist. Sutton believes that this knee injury that prevents Wiggins to join the race is such a major set-back for Wiggins. He also stated that Wiggins will have to find a new way to deal with these set-backs and bounce back for the next championship.

Team sky doctor, Richard Freeman, has stated that Wiggins’ chest infections have almost been cleared entirely, but his knee injury is another thing of discussion. Freeman also mentioned that the medical knee injuries proved to be a lot more significant that it has been thought before.

Thus, Wiggins hasn’t been able to train properly for the next tour de France. It is obviously a loss for the team to not including the previous winner in the team, but Sutton also believes that his team will be as strong as before with Froome as the team leader. Sutton stated that in the end Wiggins will bounce back from the injury just like he has done before.