Shane Button Hopeful about Britain

British cycling head coach Shane Sutton believes that the new British cyclists can go gold at the Rio Olympics 2016. In the London Olympics too, the British team won 5 gold medals to secure their position as the top country to produce cyclists.

The upcoming team would consist of six World Championship debutants, two of whom, Simon Yates and Elinor Barker, won the rainbow jerseys as mentioned by Shane. He has issued a warning for other teams across the world about the greatness of this team and the surprise it would bring.

The team would comprise of a lot of youth which means the possibilities of medal winnings in cycling could go real high as they are young guns. “If you’re working from platforms and data and whatever, if you look to where we were at the beginning of the last Olympic cycle, I think we’re in a much stronger position, a much healthier position, you can virtually name your team for Rio now” said the hopeful Shane Sutton.

Both the men’s and women’s cycling team are ready to roll but have not yet been officially finalized. Danielle Khan and Rosie Blount would join the sprint camp in Majorca for the very first time. Alternatives are also available but Sutton does not at all expect Bradley Wiggins to be back here for the Olympics because Bradley Wiggins is a big name and he would get involved on tours very frequently so it would be hard to expect him for 2016. Kian Emadi can also a play an instrumental role in the upcoming events alongside Vicky Williamson.

Three more World Cycling Championships are on the card before Rio Olympics 2016. Sutton strongly believes that if all these young geniuses participate then it would be good for all of them.