Schleck to start afresh

After a consecutive two years of disappointment Andy Schleck is all set to start afresh in 2014 and his hopes are sky high. 2012 was an injury filled year for Andy where he could not perform well in any of the major championships and 2013 saw him struggling to perform even after the break in 2012. The reason for his off form can be his brother Frank Schleck who is serving a ban for one year and was also not able to clear the race for his team RadioShack Leopard.

When asked how he is feeling Andy said that preparations have been good so far and he would like to forget what had happened in the last two years and would like to begin this year with a lot of confidence. When asked further as to how he is planning for the whole year he said his main target would be Tour de France in which he did miserably last year failing to feature in the first race and then finishing in the 20th place overall.

The trainers and the other team members are very hopeful about Andy as they have seen him personally and they think that his training and dedication has been much more than last year. On a personal note Andy said that it should be better for him in 2014 and he will be giving more time for his time trials and also needs to focus on the climbing.

His performance was particularly disappointing in the time trials and that has made him work more in the time trial bike and also on the kilometers. With all this effort he hopes to improve his performance from last year. Since RadioShack Leopard has not taken Andy back he has joined Trek Factory Racing and that would mean when his brother came back from the ban both of them will be in the same team.