Amendments to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act Welcomed by Many

On 21st October, 2014- Steven Del Duca (Transport Minister) reintroduced in the legislature certain amendments to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act. Earlier this year, Liberal government had initially put forward the proposals but due to the June elections these were not passed.
Mr. Del Duca made it clear in a certain interview that it is essential for the government to show support to the Ontario cycling community and make the motorists understand that it is important to share roads with cyclists.
According to the amendments, careless drivers responsible for injuring cyclists in dooring accidents will be fined for an amount between $300to $1000. The previous fine range was from $60 to $300. Along with the fine, the drivers will also be charged with demerit points (three points). Demerit point and a very high fine will also be applied on drivers who are caught using their mobile phones while driving.
Due to the changes in the legislation, municipalities in Ontario will get the chance to build contra-flow cycling lanes without the permission of the local councils. City statistics have shown that contra-flow lanes have increased cycling traffic in Toronto’s Shaw Street.
Cyclists will also be allowed to ride on certain provincial highways and motorists will have to leave a space of about one meter when they will pass by any cyclist. The law has been extended to punish drunk drivers and those drivers who take drugs.
Cyclists had been demanding the authorities to beef up Ontario’s laws so that future dooring incidents and other kinds of accidents can be avoided. Therefore amendments to the Highway Traffic Act have obviously been welcomed by the cycling community.
In relation to these amendments, Cycle Toronto’s Executive Director- Jared Kolb said that from the enforcement and educational perspective these steps are important. But much more work has to be done from the infrastructural perspective.

UCI Furious Over Bogota Naked Kits

Brian Cookson, the UCI chief has openly expressed fury over the new naked kits meant for Bogota Humana female riders. Terming them as “unacceptable”, the UCI President has declared to be “on case” over the eyebrow-raising uniform.

The new cycling kit for Bogota Humana female riders has led to serious controversies across the cycling world, citing outraging the decency of women. The cycling kit has got a beige vagina shaped design for the female uniforms that make the wearer look almost naked.

The controversy started with a picture of the Bogota Humana riders in the uniform last weekend which went viral while shared on social networking portals. The picture showed six female riders of the team standing in the controversial uniform which was mostly yellow & red- yet with a skin-shaded material around torso & nether areas. The picture was taken at Tuscany Tour.

A lot of star riders have heavily criticized the squad as well as the cyclists for donning the outfit. Nicole Cooke, the Olympic 2008 gold medalist is one of cycling stars to protest against the uniform.

“It has turned this sport into nothing but a joke”, said Cooke. “Girls please stand up, at least for yourselves- shout no.”

Bertine (Kathryn), one among the founder-members for Tour Entier, was another important figure who protested against the picture. She said that she won’t be retweeting this picture.” Tour Entier is the famous pressure group which aided to arrange La Course this summer.

“Intentionally not retweeting the picture of the Colombian team, UCI, please intervene”, read a tweet from Bertine’s profile.

“The very decision maker who approved or whoever approved this on stage should be banned. Spare the cyclists.”

“It’s simply unacceptable by all decency standards. We’re on case”, stressed UCI boss Brian Cookson is response to the protests raged from many quarters about the new uniform design.

Kathryn Bertine, one of the founder members of Le Tour Entier, the pressure group that helped to organize La Course by Le Tour earlier this summer, said she would not be retweeting the picture.

“Intentionally not RTing the Colombian team picture. UCI, pls intervene,” Bertine tweeted.

“Ban the decision maker & whomever let them on stage. Spare the riders.”

Cookson, who took over as president of the UCI last year, responded: “To the many who have raised the issue of a certain women’s team kit, we are on the case. It is unacceptable by any standard of decency.”

Bradley Wiggins in the race spanning 125 mile in Ride London

A star name- Bradley Wiggins battled through the weather to take part in the race of the London Park’s Olympic. He raced for Team Sky. The race was shortened to 86 miles from 100 miles due to warnings of weather. In Surrey, Box Hill and Leith Hill were left out.
From East London to Buckingham Palace the race was completed. It was the safety protocol which was vital according to Hugh Brasher, the event director. Bradley ahead of the race states that it is a pleasure for him to be able to compete in the race in front of the fans of home and he has memories of Olympics riding. Every day is special since he enjoys the support from the fans.
Many riders took part in the race. Tropical rain filled the entire place and brought in caution among the riders. The organisers decided at the last moment to shorten the race. It was before 8 hours that the final decision was taken. According to the organisers they have never organised such an event with terrible weather conditions.
All the riders had to endure the severe conditions. Rain combined with floods made the entire place wet and severe conditions made it all the more escalating. Riding in such weather was surely a challenge for all the riders. People of all age groups and of all sizes took part in the race. The newcomers will be attracted by the turn of the event. Two sort of eccentricity was seen on the course, with Boris bike in blue colour and a couple got married mid way.
The event witnessed variety which was encouraging and at the same time it is an inspiration for all the riders and the people who without caring, jumped into the race.

Contador Poses Huge Threat For Froome in Tour France 2014

The 2013 Tour France champion Chris Froome is surely one of the most dangerous competitors in the esteemed race this year – but on the eve of 2014 Tour de France, the defending champ revealed that he too is tensed about his contenders, especially Alberto Contador.

The 31 year old Tinkoff-Saxo rider has twice been the Tour France champion in 2007 & 2009 while it was the first Tour France win for the 29-year-old Froome last year.

“I feel Alberto would be my greatest contender at the race. He has had a fantastic build-up yet it’s not just a 2-man race”, remarked the Tour France defending champ while asked about who he is fearing the most of late.

Technically, Contador is in a better position than Froome as per the UCI WorldTour rankings, according to the Where we ride website. In fact, the Tinkoff-Saxo rider is leading the individual rankings with 397 points. On the other hand, Froome is on a distant 15th with 163 points.

The Tour France 2014 is just to commence on July 5 from Yorkshire. There would be 21 stages all total of which 3 would be hosted by England. The England route would have participants riding from Leeds till Harrogate o July 5, York till Sheffield on July 6 & Cambridge till London on July 7. After that the race will shift to France & would finalize in the French capital on 27th July.

“The feeling of being the defending champ & having the home crowd backing you as you ride along is simply unparallel. That sort of send-off right at the start of this 3-week race would surely place us in a fantastic position”, Froome added.

Froome’s Tour France victory last year constituted the 2nd consecutive Tour France for Britain which was preceded by Sir Bradley Wiggins in 2012.

Mums of East York raises £3,000 by cycling all the way to Holland

A sum of £3,000 was raised by two friends for special children, by cycling all the way from London to Holland (Amsterdam). Alison Armstrong and Kate Lovett, both at forty nine from Sutton upon Derwent , have taken up the challenge third time in a row, in support of the National Autistic Society to help the children with special needs.

In the past few years they have ridden from London to Paris and then from London to Brussels have assisted to raise as much as £4000. This year, the duo covered a total distance of 320 kilometers in three long days. Their route started from London and took them all the way to Harwich, where they had to take a ferry to Holland (the hook), before they remounted their bikes for the finishing point, Amsterdam.

Along with Alison and Kate, eleven other riders went on the ride. Kate is a mother of 3, has two sons studying at the Kings Mill Special School located in Driffield named Charles who is 15, while harry is 13. Her elder son George, now 16, studies at the Pocklington School. The two women met each other some twelve years back, since their eldest children studied together at the Primary School.

Alison, who teaches German at the York College commented that the ride all the way to Holland was quite challenging, however was totally worth the ride. It was great motivation to have Kate by her side to train for the challenging course even during the tough winter times.

Kate is one of the directors of a healthcare training company, EDGE Services, situated in Museum Street in York. She commented that Holland is sure known for being flat; however she faced the worst cycling experience over the cobbled streets of Holland.

Schleck to start afresh

After a consecutive two years of disappointment Andy Schleck is all set to start afresh in 2014 and his hopes are sky high. 2012 was an injury filled year for Andy where he could not perform well in any of the major championships and 2013 saw him struggling to perform even after the break in 2012. The reason for his off form can be his brother Frank Schleck who is serving a ban for one year and was also not able to clear the race for his team RadioShack Leopard.

When asked how he is feeling Andy said that preparations have been good so far and he would like to forget what had happened in the last two years and would like to begin this year with a lot of confidence. When asked further as to how he is planning for the whole year he said his main target would be Tour de France in which he did miserably last year failing to feature in the first race and then finishing in the 20th place overall.

The trainers and the other team members are very hopeful about Andy as they have seen him personally and they think that his training and dedication has been much more than last year. On a personal note Andy said that it should be better for him in 2014 and he will be giving more time for his time trials and also needs to focus on the climbing.

His performance was particularly disappointing in the time trials and that has made him work more in the time trial bike and also on the kilometers. With all this effort he hopes to improve his performance from last year. Since RadioShack Leopard has not taken Andy back he has joined Trek Factory Racing and that would mean when his brother came back from the ban both of them will be in the same team.

Wiggins to be Honored with Knighthood

Sir Wiggins, the 1st Brit rider to bag the coveted Tour France champion jersey last year would be honored with the prestigious “Knighthood” at the imperial Buckingham Palace on December 10, 2013.

Fondly nicknamed as “Wiggo” the Team Sky rider would be regarded for his legendary services towards cycling witnessed last year from his Olympic Gold & the celebrated Tour France victory. The 33-year-old was even felicitated with the coveted “BBC Sports Personality of 2012” award after he showed up as one amidst the highly decorated cyclists in the Brit sporting history.

Speaking after the announcement of his name on the Honours List for the New Year, Sir Bradley remarked- “It is quite something actually. I couldn’t ever imagine that I could ever become the knight- hence it is an unbelievable honor. But there is a slight disbelief & it would take time to grasp in. There’s never a doubt on whether I would be accepting it or I would not, It’s more of a scene that I actually never viewed myself as Sir & I probably never would. I do not prefer profiting from the status & so it is more like for my own family. It is great for my grandparents and parents to observe to everyone that I am a knight & for my children in future”.

Apart from Sir Bradley Winnings, artist Anish Kapoor, the esteemed Turner Prize winner and the man behind the famous red twisting sculpture of ArcelorMittal Orbit at Olympic Park, would be knighted as well alongside the 2012 Tour France champion.

Besides, the imperial Buckingham Palace has even announced to honor the first Brit-born Pakistani English professional cricketer Wasim Khan at the Knighthood ceremony. Khan had a significant role in the 1995 record-breaking Warwickshire team & would receive MBE as recognition of a noble involvement in Cricket Foundation organized “Chance to Shine” 50 million pounds worth campaign.

Wiggins ready to support Froome

Bradley Wiggins has confirmed that he positive about his participation in the Tour de France next year. He also assured that he has no qualms in riding in support of his teammate and this Tour France winner Chris Froome.

Wiggins was all praise for Sky mate Froome and even admitted that Froome has rightly earned the coveted right to lead Team Sky followed by his impressive victory in 2013 Tour de France. “I fully accept it that he has earned his right to be the leader now. It’s never a rivalry- both of us went for the same goal (2013 Tour France) but it’s he who did it”, stated the 2012 Tour de France winner while speaking about Froome and his probable leadership status in Team Sky. Wiggins had been suffering from serious illness since May. It was his chest injury that had him pull out from Giro and then a knee injury which barred him from defending his 2012 title in Tour de France this July.

Added to Froome, Wiggins was also full of praise for his entire team (Team Sky). “I feel my entire team showcased an amazing performance without me. They proved again how strong and dominant they are as team”, emphasized the ace Team Sky cyclist. “It was especially incredible the way Chris performed at the Tour. To win 3 stages & dominate the very way Froome did, proved that the pre-race frenzy was all right”.

Wiggins’ injuries followed by his prolonged absence from distinguished cycling events led to rumors that he might not be participating in the next Tour de France championships ever. However, the 33 year old ace British rider says he is fit enough to perform in Tour de France 2014. Wiggins is also hopeful about a stellar performance in the upcoming Tour of Britain and especially Florence World Championships where he is aiming right for the winner’s rainbow jersey.

Evans to Consult His Managers

The famous rider Cadel Evans is expected to meet his BMC managers to deliberate on his future tour ambitions. This is expected to happen immediately he finishes the current tour in France on Sunday. The rider who is now 36 years old is one of the America’s best general classification riders.

The other popular rider in this classification is Tejay Van who is now 24 years old. Tejay joined BMC in 2011 as Evan’s successor apparent.

However, there were a lot of speculations that this succession could be pushed to 2013 after Evans finished at number seven during the last tour, and was backed by fand sto do better next year on the online betting sites. Tejay finished fifth in the same race.

However, the team’s management maintained that Evans was to remain as the tour leader. Evan’s contract with BMC is expected to end later next year. He has managed to prove his team leadership by finishing third overall during the Giro d’Italia.

Moreover, Van Garderen indicated that he is prepared to support Evans with his win in the last tour in California which took ten days. However, the position of the two riders is hanging in the air following the disappointing performances the two offered in the last few races.

Evans gave a disappointing performance in Parish by slipping out of the overall competition. He has also shown great signs of exhaustion as he started Saturday’s 125km course from Annecy to Semnoz. He plans to reach the end in Parish.

Unfortunately, the rider came in at number 88 on this stage at approximately 18 minutes and 26 seconds. However, he managed to beat Joaquim Rodriguez by 18 seconds and Chris Froome, from Britain, by 29 seconds. Currently, Evans is ranked 39th overall. This is a serious drop compared to when he took the day in 2011. Evans says that he needs to talk to his managers about his future races.

Hariff gets 2nd spot in Tour of Borneo

Mohd Harrif Salleh snatched his 2nd win of the season after securing a win in 132.6 kilometer Stage – 3 of Tour of Borneo from Penampang on Tuesday. The stage – 3 was made for sprinters, with a Category Four climb at halfway mark as well as the Terengganu Cycling rider traversed the line in 3:20:39 in a bunch sprint.

Anuar Manan (Synergy Baku Cycling), the Points classification leader, took 2nd spot to hang on to green jersey when Harrif’s brother as well as teammate Mohd Zamri was 3rd in the race. It was a real close call for Harrif Salleh as overall leader Mehdi Sohrabi took off early, with two kilometers to go, in order to repeat his success on Monday when he became victorious solo with a thin margin.

Mehdi ended 4th with the same time to keep the lead. Harrif, luckily, got his calculation absolutely right as he sent out Saiful Anuar together with Mehdi. This year, Harrif’s maiden win was at the Jelajah Malaysia that took place earlier in June. He told that it was a gamble. If Mehdi had not stalled behind Saiful, he might have won it. But they managed to close the gap fast and it was left to them to sprint for the win.

Endra leads the mountain classification with 4 points in hand. He told that they thought of going all the way till the end, but when Chang’s tyre punctured, that left only the 2 of them. It was a bit difficult. Mehdi told that he tried to repeat what he did yesterday, when he attacked close to the finish and won the stage. But he made a mistake of waiting behind Saiful.