Mums of East York raises £3,000 by cycling all the way to Holland

A sum of £3,000 was raised by two friends for special children, by cycling all the way from London to Holland (Amsterdam). Alison Armstrong and Kate Lovett, both at forty nine from Sutton upon Derwent , have taken up the challenge third time in a row, in support of the National Autistic Society to help the children with special needs.

In the past few years they have ridden from London to Paris and then from London to Brussels have assisted to raise as much as £4000. This year, the duo covered a total distance of 320 kilometers in three long days. Their route started from London and took them all the way to Harwich, where they had to take a ferry to Holland (the hook), before they remounted their bikes for the finishing point, Amsterdam.

Along with Alison and Kate, eleven other riders went on the ride. Kate is a mother of 3, has two sons studying at the Kings Mill Special School located in Driffield named Charles who is 15, while harry is 13. Her elder son George, now 16, studies at the Pocklington School. The two women met each other some twelve years back, since their eldest children studied together at the Primary School.

Alison, who teaches German at the York College commented that the ride all the way to Holland was quite challenging, however was totally worth the ride. It was great motivation to have Kate by her side to train for the challenging course even during the tough winter times.

Kate is one of the directors of a healthcare training company, EDGE Services, situated in Museum Street in York. She commented that Holland is sure known for being flat; however she faced the worst cycling experience over the cobbled streets of Holland.