Key to Classics Is In The Numbers For Thomas

Chaos is generated in the classics to control the races of stage. The riding done methodically by Sky was important for the victories.

The strategy created by the Sky is imperative to remain intact. The goal of the team has also heightened. Thomas admitted that number is the key to win in Classics. The major part of the focus of team is due to Geraint Thomas who has a splendid record in Classics and is a fierce competitor to all.

In all the seasons, the worth of Thomas was seen and the campaign of Spring is largely due to Thomas. The controlling power of Classic is not that easy since it requires technique, subtleness and cohesion by the members of the team. From next week he is going to continue in Portugal as part of the squad of Team Sky.

He would want to give back a repeat performance of 2012 for Team Sky. His reign in the Classics is hailed as highly successful and he wants to get better with age. He has got many rivals and every year the competition gets bigger and stronger. The pressure of winning has also increased. Apart from challenges, pressure is also there on Cancellara.

As far as potential threat is concerned, Sagan is the one who is feared by Fabian. Cancellara feels that more the young people in the game of cycling, more the coolness. That is why according to Fabian they are emotional and at the same time unpredictable. Fabian feels that though he is getting older, he is feeling young at heart. He is also not taking the performance of Wiggins lightly. Both in the Flanders as well as Roubaix the spirit of competition is going to be nerve wrecking. Every other cyclist is afraid and seeing a potential threat in Fabian Cancellara.