Alberto All Ready For Ascent In 2015

2014 Velo d’Or was won by Alberto Contador. He got the rider award. He wants to climb to 5895 metres with his team mates of Tinkoff-Saxo at Kilimanjaro.

He wants to start his career with a kick start in 2015. He states that he will have to recover soon from the trip so that he could focus on other tour.

Recently he attended the camp in Tanzania and the team of Russia was also present there. There were cyclists and 72 riders in all. They followed the route of Machame till the Kibo Peak. The weather suddenly took an upturn from the rain forests of Shira Plateau. The weather was so bad that four riders had to stop in the middle. The first three days it rained like hell in which their clothes all got wet and they had nothing to wear. Their other equipments and bags were also wet.

On the last day they reached the peak. The climate was windy but it soon turned normal. Contador had a small group who reached the peak. The time which was allotted to reach the peak could not be met and they were late. They faced difficult moments and tough tides and some of the riders needed help which they got. One of the aims of the entire expedition was to strive under all circumstances in life. Of course it was not as easy a solution but they fought hard.

He plans to gain Tour de France double title. It takes courage to even attempt the task. Other riders have their minds set on other tasks. They successfully achieved what they wanted and the year has been good for Alberto which he wants to carry forward in 2015. If the season starts well it goes on well as well and if it does not it turns to be a disappointment.